Is There A Way To Get Braces Off Faster Than The Original Plan?

Whether you are getting traditional braces or clear Invisalign braces, you probably do not want to have them any longer than necessary. Both types of braces can be bothersome to have, and both can be painful. Yet, if you want straight teeth, you would need to go through the process. Therefore, if you are getting either type of braces, you might want to know if there is a way to get through the treatment plan faster, and here are a few things to know about the answer to this question.

Orthodontists Are Great at Estimating Time Frames

Most people who have braces hope to get them off sooner and complete the treatment faster, but the truth is that dentists and orthodontists are great at estimating time frames. When you get your braces, the orthodontist will likely give you an estimated time span. For example, he or she might tell you that you must have them for 12 to 14 months, or you might need them for 30 to 36 months. In either case, you can almost guarantee that it will take this much time for the braces to complete the job. It may even take longer, but it is very likely that it won't take less time than what the orthodontist estimates.

You Can Avoid Delays or Extensions by Caring Properly for Your Braces

While you might not have a great way to get through the treatment plan faster than what the orthodontist says, there are ways you can make sure you do not cause delays in your treatment plan. If you do not follow the instructions you are given, it may result in needing the braces longer than the estimated time. You can avoid delays in your progression by doing everything the orthodontist tells you to do.

This will include avoiding certain types of foods, and it may include wearing rubber bands on your brackets. It may also include not chewing on things you should not chew on, such as your fingernails or hard candies. By following these types of instructions, you will likely be able to get your braces off by the time the orthodontist estimated in the beginning of your treatment plan, and this is really the only way to speed up your treatment.

If you are interested in having straighter, nicer teeth, you should consider braces. Talk to your dentist or an orthodontist to learn more about your options.