Losing Most Of Your Teeth Due To Periodontal Disease? 2 Options You Have To Replace Them

If you have periodontal disease and are losing a lot of your teeth, then it is time to consider how you are going to replace them.  You have many options to choose from, three of which are listed below. You can see a restorative dentist to have the procedure done once you decide on the option for you. 


Because you are losing a lot of teeth, it may be a good option to remove the teeth that you have left and replace them with dentures. This does depend on where the teeth are missing, however. If you are only losing your top or bottom teeth, you can get partial dentures. If you are losing teeth from the top and bottom, you can get a full set of dentures to replace all your teeth.

There are also custom dentures, which will cost you more money. With these dentures, however, your teeth will look more natural. The dentures are made in a lab so you can look at them before they are completed. The dentist will make molds to ensure the custom dentures fit you perfectly.

There are also dentures that you snap into your mouth, which are only offered if you lose all your teeth. These dentures are very stable as they are held in place with anchors. The anchor embeds into your gums deep enough to keep them secure. This works much like a dental implant. Snap-in dentures can be removed much easier than traditional dentures in order to clean them. 

Dental Implants

Many people choose dental implants over dentures. This is because implants will generally last you forever, so you will never have to worry about changing them. Dental implants also look like your natural teeth. You can have all your teeth replaced with dental implants or only a few teeth if you are not losing all your teeth. You do have to have the right amount of bone in your gums in order to support the implant. 

There is a bone that lies underneath your gums. The dentist must drill holes into this bone. Because of this, they will have to make small cuts to get to the bone. The dentist may use a special type of X-ray machine to help them know where to make the cuts. Once the cuts are made, the dental implant is installed. This is done by inserting a post, which is generally made of metal, into the hole. The post does have to be deeply embedded into the bone to keep it secure. The artificial tooth or teeth are then attached to the post. 

The dental implant procedure may be able to be done in one day, or it may take several days. This does depend on the shape your gums are in, as well as many other factors.

The restorative dentist will go over both these options with you in much more detail. Reach out to restorative dentistry services like Pacific Ave Dental/Allan L. Hablutzel, DDS, for more information.