Is There a Way to Remove Plaque and Tartar from Your Teeth?

If your teeth do not have plaque or tartar on them, it will be very difficult for them to develop cavities, so you might want to find out how to keep your teeth plaque and tartar-free. To learn how to do this, it is important to know the difference between plaque and tartar. Once you understand this, you can learn more about keeping plaque and tartar off your teeth so they stay healthier.

The Effects of Plaque and Tartar on Your Teeth

Plaque and tartar are similar substances in the way that they harm teeth, but they are also very different. The first thing to know is that plaque buildup is a normal part of having teeth. Plaque forms on teeth from foods you eat due to the bacteria and particles that remain in your mouth when you are finished eating. Tartar can only form on teeth from plaque that is not removed fast enough.

Both of these substances destroy and weaken teeth. They are both prone to turning into decay and eating away at the enamel on your teeth. Both can lead to gum disease too. Because plaque and tartar both have these effects on teeth, dentists are adamant about helping people learn how to remove them before they can cause damage.

The Primary Difference Between These Two Substances

While both substances are destructive for your teeth, it is important to know they are not the same thing. Plaque is the initial substance that forms on your teeth simply from foods and beverages you consume. Tartar, though, is something that plaque turns into if left on teeth for a long time. Tartar is a substance that is much harder to remove than plaque, and it is a substance that will put you at a higher risk for developing cavities.

The Ways to Remove Both Plaque and Tartar

The good news is that you can prevent tartar from forming by removing the plaque from your teeth each day through brushing and flossing. These are the two best techniques for the removal of plaque. The bad news is that you cannot remove tartar on your own, but a dentist might be able to by scraping it off.

Keeping plaque and tartar off your teeth will help you have a healthier mouth. You can talk to a dental care clinic if you have further questions about removing plaque and tartar and keeping your teeth clean.