How To Maintain A Professional Appearance At Work With Braces

When you're a kid, there can be some embarrassment over having braces, but for the most part, it's no big deal. However, as you grow older and start to join the workforce, your appearance becomes very important. Depending on the job you hold, you might not be putting forward your best face with braces mounted on your teeth. The good news is that you can have braces without changing your appearance. Here's how.

Invisible Braces

Invisible braces are a type of braces you've probably seen advertised on television. Invisible braces aren't very much like traditional braces at all. Instead of brackets and wires, invisible braces use a thin sheath of plastic to guide the teeth where they need to go. These sheaths are changed out on a regular basis to ensure that your teeth keep moving correctly.

Invisible braces are what they sound like — they're invisible to the naked eye. Someone would have to be right up in your face staring at your teeth to even notice that you have them, so chances are the vast majority of people you work with will never know they're even there.

Sublingual Braces

Sublingual braces are a great choice if you don't qualify for invisible braces. Unfortunately, not everyone will, as severe dental problems like an under- or overbite may not be able to use invisible braces.

Sublingual braces go back to the standard metal brackets and wires, but they do so in a sneaky way. They're mounted on the back of your teeth instead of the front. This makes them unnoticeable when you're talking and eating when all the while they're making adjustments to your teeth to give you the straight smile you're hoping for.

Clear Braces

The last option you have available to you is clear braces. Unlike invisible braces, clear braces are also much closer to traditional braces in form. They use brackets and wires, but instead of being made out of metal, they're translucent plastic. This lets a person see past the braces to your teeth and makes them quite unnoticeable. While they may not be quite as clear and convenient as invisible braces, they can offer the benefits of traditional teeth straightening without having a huge impact on your appearance.

These options for adult orthodontic treatment can all potentially serve you and your teeth. If you want the straight smile that you've been coveting but don't want it to have a tremendous impact on your appearance during the treatment, choose one of these.