Are Dental Implants A Good Solution For A Child Who Is Missing Teeth?

Even though it is far more common for adults to lose permanent teeth, occasionally, children can also experience issues with a permanent tooth that can result in the loss of that tooth or needing an extraction. One of the biggest questions that parents tend to have when this happens to their child is whether or not a dental implant would be a good solution to replace the missing tooth in their child's smile. Dental implants are primarily done on adults, but they can also be done on children. Take a look at a few things that you should know about dental implants for pediatric patients.

Dental implants are only a good idea for children beyond a certain age.

One of the reasons that younger children cannot get a dental implant is because the size and shape of their jaw is still changing and growing. If a dental implant was placed in a child's jaw while it was still changing, it could cause the implant to shift or it could cause problems with the rest of the teeth. In most cases, a dentist will only consider placing an implant in the mouth of a child that is beyond the pubescent stage.

Dental implants are only a good option for children who are vigilant about their oral hygiene.

Children and teenagers can be less vigilant about their oral hygiene and daily brushing habits than adults who understand the importance of doing so. If you are considering getting an implant placed in your child's mouth, keep in mind that excellent oral hygiene will be required to retain the health of the implant for the long-term. If your child struggles with maintaining good oral hygiene habits, it may be best to look for it an alternate solution. 

Other options instead of dental implants are available as a solution.

Even if your child is not a good candidate for a dental implant procedure because of their age or other reasons, there are other options available that can fill the gaps in their smile. For example, the dentist may want to install a bridge to fill the gap or they may recommend that your child get a partial denture to fill multiple gaps or large gaps due to several missing teeth. Both of these options are good alternatives, and they can work well if you want a more temporary solution so that your child can get a dental implant when they get older.

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