The Process Of Getting Dentures

Has the time come for you to finally get dentures? If so, you're likely wondering what steps are involved when working with your dentist. Here is what you can expect to do in order to get full dentures.

Mold Creation

The first part of the process is to visit the dentist and have a mold taken of your mouth. Even if you still have some natural teeth left, the dentist will take a mold with those teeth so they know how the dentures will fit over them. The mold also helps capture the shape of the top of the mouth and the jawbone. This helps the dentures fit your mouth perfectly and be as comfortable as possible. 

Taking the mold requires placing a moldable tray inside your mouth and holding it there for a couple of minutes. You should be able to breathe with your nose comfortably while this is happening. However, it is possible that this step triggers a gag reflex and makes it difficult.

Tooth Extraction

If you need to have teeth extracted, now is the time that it will be done. This can be done in the dentist's office on the same day, or you can come back for a second appointment. It is possible for your dentist to use sedation techniques so that you are not aware of the procedure as it is happening. If an x-ray revealed that some teeth will be difficult to pull, your dentist might recommend scheduling an appointment with an oral surgeon to extract the teeth.


It will take a while for the dentures to be made, which will give your mouth some time to heal. The goal will be for your mouth to be completely healed from extracting the teeth before you receive your dentures. It may take up to a month for your mouth to be ready to wear dentures.


Once the dentures are created, you'll return to the dentist's office to try them on. The dentist will ensure that they fit comfortably and make adjustments as necessary while you are in the office. The dentist will help guide you through the fitting procedure since you are not going to be aware of what the dentures should feel like in your mouth at first. They'll ask you questions about if certain parts are rubbing up against your gums, or if the dentures are remaining in place. This will help ensure that they fit properly.