Formerly Straightened Teeth Now Crooked By Bad Habits? Here’s How A Cosmetic Dentist Can Help

For most people, going through braces once is more than enough. Braces can provide you with lasting benefits if you treat your teeth the right way, but unfortunately, certain bad habits like smoking and biting one's nails can cause the teeth to shift and change positions. If this has happened to you, it doesn't mean that you're doomed to have to go through braces again. This is how a cosmetic dentist can help.

Why an Orthodontist Isn't the Necessary Course

If your teeth are crooked, you can, of course, go to an orthodontist, but there are some good reasons not to trouble yourself with it. Nobody wants a shining mouth of metal later on in life, and it can get in the way of your professional career, too. Plus, chances are if you have crooked teeth from doing something like biting your nails or smoking, not all of your teeth have shifted. Just the ones that you typically use to bite down on your nails with or to rest your cigarette or other smoking apparatus on. For this kind of problem, going to an orthodontist isn't necessary if all you want is to return to the appearance of straight teeth.

What They'll Give You

If you choose to see a cosmetic dentist for this problem, the most likely suggestion they'll make is dental veneers. Dental veneers are a cosmetic application that can make any smile look impeccably flawless. They're used by many people in the show business industry to create a straight, even, white, and attractive smile without having to go through dozens of cosmetic procedures and potentially braces as well.

Dental veneers are essentially just thin strips of porcelain. Think of them as like a single wall of a dental crown. The veneer covers the front of your teeth and is set up with its neighbors to give the appearance of an even, straight set of teeth, all without the need to move the underlying teeth around. 

What to Expect

If you've never heard of veneers before, there's no reason to fret. The process is painless and relatively easy to go through.

The first thing your dentist will do is to have a consultation with you where they'll listen to your needs and take a look at your teeth. If you're a good candidate for veneers, they'll have a set ordered based on dental x-rays and possibly a mold of your teeth.

Once the veneers are ready, you'll come into the office to have them applied. Your dentist will shave down the enamel on the front of your teeth that will be replaced with the veneers. Then, the veneers are attached with a layer of dental cement. That's it — in minutes flat you'll have a brand new perfect-looking smile that you'll be proud to show off.

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