Tooth Pain? Why You Need To Get To The Dentist

Sometimes our teeth hurt for a number of reasons. Maybe you bit into something and it hurt your teeth for a minute or two, or maybe you drank/ate something cold and it causes some pain for just a second, but when your tooth pain persists, it's time to get to the dentist. Tooth pain isn't something you should ever mess around with, and it's important to get your teeth examined by a dental professional. Read on for a few reasons why you need to get to the dentist about your tooth pain.

To Prevent Worsening Your Condition

Pain in the tooth may be caused by the beginning of a cavity. If left alone, the pain will eventually worsen and the cavity will get larger. The root of the tooth could become exposed, leaving you in extreme pain, and you could end up needing a root canal or a pulled tooth rather than a simple cavity filling. Not to mention, you've put yourself in pain for much longer than had you gone to the dentist in the first place.

To Prevent Costly Dental Work

A simple cavity filling is not quite as expensive as an extraction or a root canal could cost you. You may need to go back for more X-rays or further dental appointments with the latter two than with the cavity filling. The extra cost could come out of your pocket if your dental insurance doesn't cover these types of procedures or if you have a high deductible. Going to the dentist after feeling pain right away is the better choice, and it could save you some money and time.

To Prevent Tooth Loss

The idea that you could potentially lose a tooth because you didn't go to the dentist when you should have is reason enough to get you in to see the dentist. Think about having to have a tooth pulled and then having to worry about having a tooth (or several teeth) missing because you weren't caring for your teeth properly or didn't go to the dentist when you should have. Now think about how much different you may look having a tooth (or several teeth) missing in your mouth. Sure, you could get dentures or you could get a bridge, but these things are going to cost you even more money.

If you have tooth pain that persists, get to the dentist right away - don't wait. You could end up needing costly dental work, or you may need to have your tooth/teeth pulled if you wait too long. Make an appointment today with your dentist for an exam, checkup, and cleaning, and remember to go to the dentist every six months.

To learn more about dentistry, contact a dentist.