Whiter Brighter Teeth Made Easy

What was once reserved for Hollywood stars and politicians is now available to almost anyone. More and more ordinary people are sporting brighter smiles and increased self-confidence thanks to their dentist. Read on to find out why teeth get so stained and yellow and what to do to whiten your smile just like the celebrities do.

Teeth Stains are Normal

While certain lifestyle choices may make some people more prone to stained teeth, having white teeth is not common in most adults without some help. Almost everyone will notice their teeth darkening gradually over time, but some may notice staining earlier than others. Those who smoke may have nicotine-stained teeth, for instance. Here are a few other lifestyle and medical reasons that might have some seeking whitening treatments:

  • Some foods can stain teeth. Berries (particularly blueberries), curries, tomato sauce, and others, if consumed habitually, will stain teeth.
  • Former braces wearers may notice a difference in the exposed areas and the areas covered by braces after they are removed.
  • If you take medication, and many of us do, some of them could be contributing to stained teeth.
  • Drinks like coffee, tea, soft drinks, and red wine can create less-than-white teeth.
  • Those who haven't been vigilant about professional cleanings (or regular tooth brushing) will find their teeth are yellower and dull-looking.

Getting Rid of Stained Teeth

Fortunately, if you are ready to improve the wattage of your smile, you can no matter how the stains got there. Here's what you need to know about removing stains from your teeth:

  1. Start with clean teeth by getting a professional cleaning.
  2. If you have underlying dental issues like cavities or gum disease, take care of those issues first.
  3. Remember that any whitening you do is temporary. You will need to avoid what caused the stains in the first place and have repeated treatments.
  4. Those with sensitive teeth should discuss all options with their dentist. Some teeth-whitening products can make matters worse.
  5. The least costly and easy to use whitening method is to use a whitening toothpaste. These products can take some time to work, however.
  6. Also available over-the-counter are whitening strips that are applied daily and left on for several minutes to bleach teeth.
  7. For more dramatic results, your dentist will use a bleaching gel that contains peroxide.
  8. You can also use a home bleaching kit your dentist sells you.

To find out how you can achieve the white smile of your dreams, contact a local dentist's office.