Have A Permanent Retainer? Know How To Keep Your Mouth Clean

Do you need to have a permanent retainer installed after your orthodontic treatment is over? Are you unsure about how you are going to keep your teeth clean with it on? You should know the proper way to floss with this dental appliance that is installed behind your teeth.

Get The Right Tools

You will need to have the right tools in order to keep your teeth clean. Start by getting a floss threader, which is pretty much like a needle used for flossing. It has smooth edges on it, with a loop to place the dental floss though, and it can be gently inserted between your teeth without causing irritation to the gums in order to get the floss underneath the permanent retainer. For dental floss, you can use any type of dental floss that you prefer and that can easily fit between your teeth. Consider using dental tape since it is a bit thinner.

Insert The Floss Behind The Bar

One way to use a floss threader is to start from the rear side of your teeth. Place the threader underneath the bar of the permanent retainer and then gently push the floss threader through in an upward motion so that you do not poke your lips. Then pull the floss upward so that is located between your teeth and the bar. 

This technique allows you to easily move from tooth to tooth without having to rethread the floss for every single gap. You will eventually hit a point where the permanent retainer is anchored to a tooth, which means you have to repeat the process on the other side of the anchor. 

Insert The Floss From The Front

If there is not enough room to insert the floss between the bar of the permanent retainer and your tooth, you'll need to insert the floss from the front and go beneath the bar. This will cause you to only move partway up the tooth and have to rethread the floss between each gap, which will increase the amount of time that you floss for. However, this is the only technique that will help get dental floss into the area where you normally cannot get your toothbrush. Consider getting a water flosser so that you can floss faster each day, which will encourage you to keep your mouth nice and clean. 

To learn more, contact an orthodontist near you.