2 Potential Problems Caused By Impacted Wisdom Teeth

While you may have been feeling some pressure and pain in the back of your mouth, you may believe that your wisdom teeth are starting to come in. However, since your symptoms come and go intermittently, you may believe that you can let it go until the pain gets worse or more constant.

However, if you are already feeling pain and pressure, one or more of your wisdom teeth are likely impacted. If you wait to have the teeth removed, there are a couple of problems that could potentially arise.

1.  Abscesses Could Form Near the Base of the Impacted Wisdom Teeth

One potential problem caused by an untreated wisdom tooth is the formation of an abscess near the base of the tooth. Before the tooth starts to break through the gum, it is encased by a protective sac.

When the tooth starts to move and grows in sideways, however, small tears in the sac and the breakthrough point of the gum allow bacteria to invade the otherwise sterile environment. As the bacteria grow, pus forms to create a pocket of infection, or an abscess.

An abscess can become dangerous if allowed to grow and fester. Because of its proximity to the capillaries in the gums, the infection could enter the bloodstream and be carried to other parts of your body.

2.  Adjoining Teeth Could Suffer Permanent Damage

Another complication caused by an impacted wisdom tooth is the damage the impaction causes to the adjoining teeth. As the wisdom tooth pushes against the one next to it, the contact point of the molar starts to erode and can quickly break down the enamel.

The molar directly next to the wisdom tooth is not the only one that can suffer damage. Because the impacted tooth is pressing sideways on the molar, the one next to it is also pushed out of alignment and can be prone to cavities because they are rubbing against one another.

If allowed to continue, the adjoining teeth will be at risk for tooth decay. Also, the pressure and movement can cause tiny tears in the gums, leaving them vulnerable to infection and gum disease

If you have been feeling pressure and pain in the back of your mouth, you may have one or more impacted wisdom teeth that need to be treated before they cause serious issues. Make an appointment with a dentist in your area to have them examine your teeth to see if you need wisdom teeth removal.