Cavity Prevention Tips For The Fall

Cavities can happen at any time of year, but the fall season, in particular, can present some unique challenges when it comes to dental health. If you want yourself and your family to make it through this autumn season with your dental health unscathed, here are some tips that might help.

Give Your Kids Gum or Bottled Water to Take to School

When autumn begins, most kids are back in school. This is in contrast to the summer when most are able to brush their teeth after every meal because they are at home. If you know that your kids have a long day at school ahead of them and will not be able to brush their teeth from the time they catch the bus in the morning until they return from their extracurriculars at supper or even later, you will need to give them some tools to help keep cavities at bay.

Have your kid pack a bottle of water or some gum if they are allowed to chew it within the school. Give your kid lunch money to buy an extra bottle of water at lunch if needed. You will want to instruct them to swish the water around or chew the sugar-free gum after lunch or any other snack they might have in order to help wash the plaque and bacteria out of their mouth.

Enjoy the Halloween Candy But Be Smart About It

Autumn also will bring the return of Halloween and, with it, lots of candy everywhere your kids and you turn. It's OK to indulge your sweet tooth a little, but don't let your kid overdo it. You don't want their mouths to be permanently coated with chocolate the entire day, as that's how plaque takes hold and cavities begin. Encourage your kids (and yourself) to wash your mouth out or better yet, brush, floss, and rinse after every raiding of the Halloween candy pile.

Pack Your Toothbrush or Other Cavity Fighting Tools for Thanksgiving

Does your family typically travel to a relative's house and stay over for Thanksgiving? Don't forget to pack your toothbrush, floss, fluoride rinse, and any other dental tools you would use at home. Make sure each child remembers to pack all of these items as well. Try to stick to your family's nightly dental care routine even when you're in someone else's house for a few days.

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