What Treatments Do Sedation Dentistry Experts Offer?

If you're scared of going to the dentist, you're not alone. Most people express some trepidation about making a trip to the dentist's office. You may think that you need to simply grit your teeth and deal with your fear, but that isn't the case. You deserve to have an anxiety-free dental appointment, and sedation dentistry can give you that experience.

Sedation dentistry helps nervous patients and anyone with a dental phobia. Using various sedation techniques, dentists can keep you comfortable and relaxed through any procedure. Here are three treatments offered by sedation dentistry specialists:

1. Dental Cleanings

You don't need to undergo extensive dental work to take advantage of sedation dentistry. Dentists have various sedation techniques at their disposal, which vary in strength. Nitrous oxide offers light sedation that's perfect for routine dental cleanings. You will be fully conscious and able to respond to your dentist's instructions while under the influence of nitrous oxide. You will simply feel more relaxed while your dentist cleans your teeth. Once the nitrous oxide mask is removed from your nose, you will feel clear-headed and able to drive immediately.

2. Cavity Fillings

Sedation dentists can also perform cavity fillings. Cavity fillings are common procedures that nevertheless often cause anxiety in patients. People often worry that they'll feel pain while their teeth are drilled. Fortunately, your dentist can help you relax. Nitrous oxide is also an option for cavity fillings. Patients who need additional sedation may take advantage of oral sedation. Your dentist will prescribe you an anxiety-relieving pill that you can take before your dental appointment. Oral sedation can last for several hours, so you'll need someone to drive you home from your dental appointment.

3. Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy is no more uncomfortable than an ordinary cavity filling. However, even the words "root canal" can provoke dread in someone with a dentist phobia. Sedation dentists can make your root canal a pleasant experience. Intravenous sedation is available for patients with severe anxiety. During IV sedation, your dentist will place a catheter in a vein located in your hand or arm. Sedating medication will be administered through the catheter to keep you calm throughout your root canal. IV sedation can be used alone or in conjunction with other sedation therapies.

Your dentist wants you to have a successful, pleasant dental appointment. Sedation dentistry can help even the most nervous patient feel at ease. Make an appointment with a sedation dentistry clinic to discuss the options available for your treatment.