Important Services That A Family Dentist Can Provide To Your Household

Your dental health greatly impacts the rest of your overall wellness. To keep yourself and others in your household as healthy as possible, you need to seek out regular care from a general dentist. Before you make your appointment, however, you might wonder about what kinds of services that you and your family can receive there. These examples are some of the treatments that a family dentist can provide to you.

Biannual Cleanings

To prevent serious damages to your oral health, you need to undergo regular teeth cleanings. It is not enough for you to brush and floss your teeth at home. While daily brushing and flossing is vital, it cannot take the place of a professional deep cleaning that a general dentist can provide to you and others in your family.

A deep professional cleaning removes tough debris and stains beneath the enamel of your teeth. It also removes virus and bacteria between your teeth that can cause serious infections. Finally, it typically involves a fluoride treatment to make your teeth whiter and stronger.

Tooth Fillings

A family dentist can also typically provide you and your family with tooth fillings. When you have a cavity, you need to get it filled right away to prevent it from rotting out the rest of your tooth. Your general dentist can fill it and make sure that your tooth is strong enough to last for many more years.

The filling can also be made to match the color and finish of your tooth. It may not necessarily be a silver metal filling like those used decades ago. The typical family dentist uses white porcelain fillings that look and feel like natural enamel.


Finally, an experienced family dentist will be able to extract teeth that are damaged or rotted. If your tooth is cracked or broken in half, for example, it may need to be pulled. Likewise, if your tooth is seriously infected, you may need it pulled to prevent the infection from spreading. Extractions are done in the office of a general dentist and only take a matter of minutes to complete.

These services are some that a general dentist can offer to you and your family. You can undergo regular tooth cleanings to get rid of dangerous viruses and bacteria. You can also get cavities filled and have rotted and damaged teeth removed without having to go to a specialist.

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