Stuck At Home For Months Because Of COVID-19? You Should Get Your Teeth Cleaned

The global pandemic hasn't been easy on anyone. The vast majority of people are sheltering at home in an effort to avoid the disease. However, if you've been cooped up for months in your home, there's one good excuse to get some fresh air and some social time with others. You should get your teeth cleaned. There's actually several good reasons for it, given the amount of time you've been trapped at home. Here's three.

It's Time

Depending on your area, you may have been stuck at home since March or so. This means that it's been around six months now since people were able to go out and enjoy themselves and attend to basic matters, like seeing a doctor for a general check-up. However, if this is the case for you, your teeth are really in need right now.

Dentists typically recommend that people come in for a cleaning twice a year for a reason. It helps them to catch problems before they become severe, saving you time and trouble in the dentist's chair and keeping your oral health in good shape. Going any longer than this can allow any developed problems to progress, putting your teeth and health at risk.

Development of Problems

When most people think about seeing the dentist, they just think of getting their teeth cleaned. However, it's what your dentist does and what happens to you without that cleaning that's the most important here.

Dentists are able to not only clean your teeth, but also can ensure that your gums are healthy. Gum disease is often a silent disease until it becomes severe, at which point the damage has already been done. Severe gum disease can cause permanent shortening of the gums, changing your appearance and putting your teeth at a higher risk of cavities.

Many people think of gum disease as a minor problem that can be easily resolved, but in reality, it's just a type of infection. If you had a wound on your leg that was actively bleeding or producing pus and hurt, you wouldn't ignore it. However, many people treat their gums this way, and it can not only lead to worse dental problems, but can even allow the bacteria responsible for the infection to migrate into the bloodstream and cause problems elsewhere in the body.

It's Safe

If your biggest concern about seeing a dentist right now is whether or not it's safe, rest easy. Your dentist and hygienist always wear a mask for your protection and theirs, and now is no different. In addition, dentist's offices are meant to be kept in sterile condition and typically have good ventilation to ensure that no strange smells remain after a patient's treatment. These combined factors mean that you're likely at a much lower risk of being exposed to anything at the dentist's office. And of course, your dentist and their support team won't come in if they're feeling unwell.

If your oral health is in good shape, you'll be in and out of the office in no time. And if your oral health isn't doing too well, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that it won't continue to get worse in the months to come.

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