What To Expect During A Child’s Dental Cleaning Visit

Taking a young child to the dentist is a vital part of life, yet parents do not always know what to expect. Dentists do not provide the same type of cleanings to young kids as adults, but they still encourage parents to bring their kids for visits. Here are a few things to know and expect when taking a child to the dentist for a cleaning.

Pediatric Dentists Recommend Starting Around the Age of 1

When your child is around one year old, you might want to start taking the child to dental visits. A one-year-old visit might not accomplish a lot, but it helps a child get accustomed to dentistry. During an initial visit around this age, the clinic might do a few minor things. First, they will likely try to get a peek inside the child's mouth. A small child might not cooperate well during the visit, but they will at least try. They might also take a toothbrush with toothpaste and brush the child's teeth. They most likely will not attempt to take x-rays or scrape the plaque off the child's teeth.

They Add Steps as the Child Ages

The first few visits might be like the one described above. As your child ages, though, the dental clinic will add steps to the visits. By the age of three or four, your child might be ready to get x-rays of their teeth. They might also be ready for the dentist to take a few more steps related to cleaning their teeth. By the age of five or so, children will go through the same types of procedures as adults during dental cleanings.

Reasons to Start Young

If a dentist does not perform a lot of steps on young kids, why should you take them? A pediatric dentist can explain the reasons to you, but here are a few. First, when you take a child from a young age, they get used to going to the dentist, and they might even enjoy going. Pediatric dental clinics aim to make it fun for kids to visit.

Secondly, taking a child at a young age is a great way for parents to learn how to care for their child's teeth. You can ask questions about brushing and flossing, and you can learn what type of toothpaste to use.

Are you ready to schedule a children's dental cleaning? If so, look for a family dentist or pediatric clinic in your city.