5 Tips For First-Time Braces Wearers

Are you getting braces and are a bit worried about what it will be like wearing them? Follow these tips on how to make the adjustment.

Regularly Use Mouthwash

There are going to be a lot more places in your mouth that are hard to reach with brushing, so you need all of the protection that you can get. That's why you'll want to start using a mouthwash regularly for added protection. The mouthwash is going to help get in those places where you need protection the most. Just make sure not to rinse immediately afterward, since you need to let the mouthwash rest on your teeth so it can be effective; otherwise, you're just washing it away. 

Use An Automatic Toothbrush

You'll need all the help you can get with brushing your teeth and getting around the brackets, which is why it helps to invest in an automatic toothbrush. It is going to help brush around those brackets much more effectively than you could with hand brushing, which will help get rid of cavity-causing bacteria that would otherwise be left behind.

Get The Right Tools To Floss

There are going to be several tools you need to pick up to help you floss your teeth with braces. A floss threader is essential to help you easily get the floss underneath the brackets. You may also want to get a water pick, which will help flush out the same areas with water and stimulate your gums. Floss picks can also be a great tool to help you floss the top part of the tooth above the brackets. 

Use Acetaminophen For Pain

If the braces are causing you discomfort, especially after having them adjusted, try using acetaminophen to help deal with the pain. Avoid taking ibuprofen if possible, since it can actually slow down the speed that your teeth move. Since you want to get your braces off as soon as possible, that would be an undesired result. 

Get Dental Wax

There will be times at first where the brackets cause the inside of your cheeks to be sore. You'll eventually adapt to how they feel, but you'll want to use dental wax to cover the brackets when they are causing you irritation. Simply take a piece of wax and place it over the brackets, and it will give it that extra bit of padding that is necessary for comfort. 

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