Why Your Dentist Wants To Use A Dental Crown

Have you been told by a dentist that you have an issue with a tooth and that it needs to be fixed with a dental crown? If so, you're likely wondering why a crown is necessary. Here are a few reasons why dentists use dental crowns to save teeth.

Restore Strength

One of the main reasons that a dentist will want to use a crown is to restore strength to the problematic tooth. This is often the case when you have a tooth that is missing a large portion of it from decay, the tooth has a large filling already in it and its strength is compromised, or the tooth is cracked. The only way to restore the strength is to surround the tooth's existing structure with a cap that is going to be stronger than the tooth in its current condition.

Restore Aesthetics

You may have an issue with your tooth that is purely aesthetic. It could be a tooth that is much darker than the teeth that surround it, or a tooth that is an odd shape. A dental crown is going to cover the tooth with a cap that will look like a perfectly natural tooth, which will help restore your smile to something that you can be proud of once again.

Save The Tooth

Using a dental crown is always done when there is a desire to save the natural tooth. That tooth and its existing root may be completely healthy, so a crown helps save the tooth by giving it added protection or improving its aesthetics. While you could replicate the same look and functionality of a crown by getting a dental implant, nobody wants to go through the procedure of having a titanium post put into their jawbone if they don't have to. 

Stimulate The Jawbone

Are you aware that a jawbone needs stimulation to remain healthy? By having a tooth with a root that goes into the jawbone, you provide stimulation every time you eat, which prevents the jawbone from deteriorating. If you were to remove a tooth and put in a dental bridge, that part of your jawbone will not get any sort of stimulation to the area, which can cause problems to the surrounding teeth over time. 

Not sure if you want to move forward and get that dental crown? Speak to your dentist about the many benefits you'll receive by having the crown installed.