Not Sure If You Should Go For Single Tooth Dental Implants? 4 Reasons Why You Should

Bridges and crowns are the commonly recommended solutions for tooth loss. However, there are certain circumstances where these alternatives might not work, necessitating the installation of replacement tooth roots. Single-tooth implants are a great solution that solves the problem of missing teeth permanently.

These are the four main reasons you should consider getting single-tooth dental implants. 

They're Directly Inserted into the Jawbone 

The dentist inserts the tooth implants directly into the jawbone. Usually, they drill the titanium part of the replacement tooth root into the jawbone, which means that the new tooth doesn't have to rely on the others for support. When you have a sturdy jawbone, it will blend with the implant, which functions as a permanent tooth. And, since your tooth doctor will insert the rod into the strongest bone in the mouth, there is no chance of getting loose in the future. Other tooth replacement prostheses are prone to loosening. 

They Resemblance a Natural Tooth

Appearance is of utmost importance when looking for a missing tooth replacement. In that regard, a dental implant will resemble your natural tooth. The rod supports an abutment, which in turn supports the crown. The entire prosthesis closely resembles an actual tooth, making it an excellent tooth replacement. 

The dentist first examines the other teeth before molding the crown. That allows them to design the prosthetic to match your natural tooth's color and shape. Once inserted, few people can tell the difference between the implant and the rest of your natural teeth. And over time, the implant encourages the jawbone to regenerate, thus protecting it from collapsing. As a result, your mouth maintains a normal appearance.

They Need Little Maintenance

The first few weeks after getting a dental implant might be a little perplexing. However, when you have healed from the surgery, and the implant is set in your mouth correctly, the maintenance you have to perform on it reduces drastically. However, you must brush and floss the implant consistently to maintain it in excellent shape. 

They Don't Decay

Implants are indestructible because all components are artificial. For example, the titanium root will not suffer damage from constant contact with moisture. The crown also doesn't get affected by the bacteria that typically eat away at the enamel and create cavities. Therefore, the prosthetic tooth can last for many decades without needing a replacement.

If missing teeth deny you the opportunity to laugh and have fun with friends, speak to your dentist about dental implant installation. They'll determine your suitability and guide you through the installation process.