Do You Need To See A Dentist Between Cleanings?

Your cleanings occur once or twice a year or even more frequently as your dentist wishes. Dentists want their patients to have clean and healthy teeth, so when their patients need to see them between cleanings, it's a serious thing.

You may not realize you need to go to the dentist. If you do, you should make an appointment right away so you can preserve your smile and keep your health intact. Here are signs you need to see the dentist between dental cleanings.

You have jaw or tooth pain

If you have jaw or tooth pain, you may have an issue with your teeth. Something may be stuck in your teeth, or you may have something more severe going on, such as a cavity or even a severely infected tooth. Some dental pain starts out in the teeth and then moves to the jaw, which means the infection is uncontrolled and still ongoing. If you have any kind of mouth or dental pain that won't go away with common over-the-counter medications, you notice your gums are swelling or bleeding, or you're having bad breath, then visit one of your local dentists in town.

You have ongoing sinus or ear infections

If you have had a sinus or ear infection that hasn't resolved itself and you have taken antibiotics and are still experiencing symptoms, see if one of the dentists in town can give you an oral exam. Sometimes an ear or sinus infection can be caused by an abscessed or dead tooth, and the infection in the sinus cavities will not resolve until the dental issues are taken care of.

In addition to having sinus or ear infections, you may notice that your mouth has a bitter taste in your throat or that your teeth and gums are very sensitive. If this is the case, odds are your sinus or ear infections are linked to a dental problem and you can resolve this most effectively by visiting your dentist.

You have bad oral health

If you have bad oral health with a gum infection, dental plaque, or halitosis, you want to see your dentist on a more regular basis. Sometimes people who smoke or have certain health conditions have poorer oral health than others and require more dental visits. You should see the dentist if you feel your oral health is in danger of worsening so you can keep your oral health in check more easily and feel more confident in the way you look and feel.

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