What To Do If An Accident Loosens Your Child’s Tooth

If a dental trauma can leave your child with a loose tooth, you must act quickly and appropriately to mitigate the injury. Below are the major steps to take to safeguard your child's dental health after a nasty accident.

Take the Child to the Dentist As Soon As Possible

Take the child to the dentist as soon as possible if you suspect tooth damage. For example, a dentist should examine the child to see if the child has a loose, cracked, or chipped tooth. Below are some services the child may get from the dentist.

Damage Diagnosis

Dentists never assume that the visible tooth damage is the only existing damage after dental trauma. For example, a loose tooth might have nerve damage. The dentist will first examine the child to determine the extent of the damage. The dentist may even order a dental x-ray if their initial examination reveals further damage.


Dental trauma might leave your child with a skewed tooth. Such a tooth might harden and grow at a crooked angle that might affect nearby teeth. The dentist may easily realign such a tooth if you get to the dental office fast enough.

Loose teeth typically harden on their own after some time. However, the dentist might support the tooth if it's extremely loose. Support is also necessary if the child is likely to destabilize their tooth further before it heals. The support comes in the form of a dental splint or night guard to keep the tooth in position at all times.

Provide Appropriate Home Care

Caring for a child's loose tooth doesn't end at the dentist; you have a role to play once you get home. The main thing is to ensure the tooth remains positioned as it stabilizes. You can help the child in two main ways. First, help the child avoid activities that might destabilize their tooth further. For example, the child should avoid brushing the loose tooth and avoid touching it.

Secondly, give the child appropriate foods that will aid their healing. For example, provide the child with soft foods unlikely to destabilize the loose tooth. Cold foods are also welcome; the cold will help minimize swelling.

Hopefully, your child won't suffer such a nasty injury. However, many kids suffer a nasty fall at least once. Take your child to the dentist as soon as possible if they injure their teeth in a fall.

Reach out to a pediatric dental specialist for more information.