4 Things To Know When Getting Your Child Braces

Considering braces for your child so that they are set with a perfect smile the rest of their life? If so, it will help to know the following 4 things before moving forward with any corrective method. Know The Treatment Options There are many different options for braces these days, so you are not limited to standard metal brackets that go in front of the teeth. There are also invisible alignment trays that can be removed, and lingual braces that go behind the teeth. Read More 

Keep Your Teeth Healthy All Summer Long

Summer is a time for fun in the sun and various outdoor adventures. But those adventures can sometimes take you away from your toothbrush or other dental care tools for a long period of time. Not many people take their floss or mouth wash on an all-day trip to the beach, in other words. But with a little pre-planning, it's possible for you to get yourself and your family through the summer without anyone suffering significant damage to their teeth or oral health. Read More 

If You’Ve Suffered Tooth Damage From Repeated Whitenings, You Should Get Dental Veneers

Whitening your teeth is typically a safe thing to do, but some people are susceptible to experiencing damage from at-home whitening kits. This could be due to something like leaving the whitening agent on for too long, using it too frequently, or because of a previously-unknown defect in the dental enamel that allows it to be damaged more easily. In any case, if you've been told that your teeth have experienced some damage from whitening, there's a solution that will make your teeth look white and protect them from further damage. Read More 

How A Dentist Addresses A Major Toothache

At some point in your life, you might develop a major toothache. The pain from a toothache is relentless and will not go away unless you seek treatment. Many people will seek help from a dentist within a few days of developing the pain, primarily because it can be excruciating. If you have a horrible toothache, it is vital to visit a dentist, and here is how they might address the problem. Read More 

Have A Permanent Retainer? Know How To Keep Your Mouth Clean

Do you need to have a permanent retainer installed after your orthodontic treatment is over? Are you unsure about how you are going to keep your teeth clean with it on? You should know the proper way to floss with this dental appliance that is installed behind your teeth. Get The Right Tools You will need to have the right tools in order to keep your teeth clean. Start by getting a floss threader, which is pretty much like a needle used for flossing. Read More