3 Reasons Your Family Dentist Might Recommend Dental Braces

A beautiful smile can go a long way in boosting your confidence. Dental braces can help align your teeth and enhance your smile. For this reason, many people are getting braces for cosmetic reasons. But apart from improving your looks, braces improve your oral health in various ways. Read on to determine why your family dentist might recommend braces for oral health benefits. 1. Prevents Gum Infections Gum infections are a serious issue affecting many people. Read More 

Three Problems A Bad Bite Alignment Can Cause

When people think about braces, often only the idea of crooked teeth comes to mind. But there's more to orthodontics than fixing the alignment of individual teeth. Some people who have underbites, overbites, or other bite alignment problems may end up with significant problems down the road if they don't seek treatment. Here's what getting braces now could potentially protect you from in the future. TMJ If you've never heard of it, the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, is the joint on either side of your jaw that lets you open and close your mouth. Read More 

Is Invisalign A Good Idea For Children?

Your child's orthodontist will make specific recommendations about the best method to align a young patient's teeth. This recommendation might be Invisalign, which your child is likely to be happy about, as these transparent aligners are far less obvious and invasive than traditional dental braces. But is Invisalign such a good idea for a child? The Age When Treatment Begins Although orthodontic treatment generally isn't performed on very young patients, it can begin slightly later in childhood, with many patients beginning treatment in their early teens. Read More 

Why Your Dentist Wants To Use A Dental Crown

Have you been told by a dentist that you have an issue with a tooth and that it needs to be fixed with a dental crown? If so, you're likely wondering why a crown is necessary. Here are a few reasons why dentists use dental crowns to save teeth. Restore Strength One of the main reasons that a dentist will want to use a crown is to restore strength to the problematic tooth. Read More 

Reasons To Seek Out Emergency Dental Services

Emergency dental services are offered by many dental offices and clinics as a way to set appointments aside so that people who are experiencing severe dental symptoms have easy access to care. These appointments can be set aside for individuals who are in severe pain, have lost teeth in an impact injury, and more, so that the injury can be treated as quickly as possible.  There are numerous reasons to seek out emergency dental services, including the following: Read More