3 Tricks For Taking Better Care Of Your Invisalign

Getting straight teeth isn't something that comes cheap; in fact, it can cost thousands of dollars on average. If you didn't get braces at as a kid, then you will have to front the cost as an adult. Rather than getting traditional metal braces, however, you may want to consider another alternative like Invisalign.  Invisalign involves using a set of clear aligner trays that are used to slowly straighten your teeth. Read More 

What To Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Brushing

One of the important responsibilities of a parent is to teach their child how to brush their teeth. However, some children simply do not want to brush their teeth. If that's a problem, a pediatric dental specialist might be able to help. Brush Early Brush your child's teeth as soon as they emerge. While you may think that baby teeth will simply fall out, decaying baby teeth can damage your child's permanent teeth. Read More 

3 Things Every Dental Implant Patient Should Know

Dental implants represent the state of the art in tooth replacement technology. These natural-looking artificial teeth, which are permanently implanted in the jawbone, offer much greater chewing security, comfort, durability, and ease of care than old-fashioned bridges and dentures. Even so, you might find yourself wondering about the long-term implications of selecting dental implants as your mode of smile repair. Here are three key points that can help you make the wisest decision for your needs and expectations. Read More 

What Does Your Gum Disease Place You At Risk For?

If you have problems with your gums and haven't received dental care for them, you want to do so immediately. Gum conditions, such as periodontal disease, can increase your risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Learn how out-of-control periodontal disease affects your heart and why it's critical you see a periodontist soon. Can Periodontal Disease Really Affect Your Heart? Although gum disease develops in the soft tissues supporting your teeth, the disease has the potential to affect multiple tissues throughout your body, including your blood vessels. Read More 

How Dental Implants Help Those Who Let Poor Flossing Cause Tooth Loss

Tooth loss is a problem that many people experience over their life. Unfortunately, there are many different conditions that may cause this problem. One of the most common of these problems is likely poor flossing. So many people ignore flossing that it is nearly considered an epidemic. Thankfully, dental implants can help with this problem in many different ways. Poor Flossing May Lead to Early Tooth Loss Though dentists tell their clients time and time again to floss regularly to protect their oral health, most people ignore this fact. Read More