How You Can Afford Dental Care Without Dental Insurance

Nothing is more stressful than dealing with medical and dental bills. If you are like many Americans and you can't afford dental insurance, you may wonder how on earth you will pay for simple things like cleanings or more complex things like dental crowns. Rather than completely skipping out on your dental care, there are a few ways that you may be able to afford dental care without having insurance.  Read More 

Whiter Brighter Teeth Made Easy

What was once reserved for Hollywood stars and politicians is now available to almost anyone. More and more ordinary people are sporting brighter smiles and increased self-confidence thanks to their dentist. Read on to find out why teeth get so stained and yellow and what to do to whiten your smile just like the celebrities do. Teeth Stains are Normal While certain lifestyle choices may make some people more prone to stained teeth, having white teeth is not common in most adults without some help. Read More 

Dental Crown Procedure And Aftercare

Your dentist can diagnose dental decay in a number of ways, including asking you about your symptoms such as a toothache or dental sensitivity, examining your teeth, taking dental X-rays, and performing a probing examination with dental instruments. If you have severe dental decay and want to save your teeth from extraction, your dentist may suggest dental crowns. Here are some things you need to know about getting a dental crown so that you can be sure that it is a viable treatment option for you. Read More 

Stages Of Gum Disease And When They Are Likely To Present

At various times in a person's life, they may experience gum disease. Here are two of the stages of gum disease and when they are likely to present.  Gingivitis A person may experience gingivitis at any age. The condition occurs as the gums become inflamed. The inflammation is often due to the exposure of the gingival tissues to bacterial acids.  Harmful bacteria that live in the mouth feed on carbohydrate debris that is left in the oral cavity from meals and snacks. Read More 

How Do Your Habits Need To Change When You Get Invisible Braces?

When you're considering getting something as life-changing as clear braces, it's understandable if you pause before making a decision. If you're wondering how your life might change while you have clear braces, you should know that there are some differences between how you go through your daily life with and without clear braces. However, these changes may not be as significant as you might think. Here's what you should know. Read More